ROOM B ENGLISH 10:00 - 11:30 HRS

During our stand-alone class, booth presentation and demonstration time we plan to educate the locksmith community on the following:


1. What is out there now? Different types of new remotes and proxy keys for late model popular makes and models. We will focus on late model remotes for Ford, GM, Chrysler Corp (including Dodge, Jeep) Toyota/Lexus, Nissan/Infiniti vehicles and other brands if time allows.


2.  Interchangeability and  compatibility of OEM remotes. This information could reduce the cost of doing business, as it reduces the inventory for automotive professionals. Car manufacturers often generate multiple part numbers for the same parts creating an illusion that those parts are different and not interchangeable. If you know how to tell which remotes are the same, despite the part number difference, you can cut your inventory of remotes and smart keys in half or less at the same time it will increase your profits.


3. How to reuse and salvage remotes and smart keys. It's a common misconception that used remotes or previously programmed smart keys are just junk and can't be reused. We hear that even from some auto locksmith professionals, who simply throw those used keyfobs away. The truth is some, if not most, can be rebladed, reused, reflashed, simply reprogrammed again, or sold for profit as is. We plan to demonstrate how to fix, re-blade and refurbished the most popular types of remotes and fobs. We also plan to demonstrate and explain how to flash some late model remotes to make it reusable again.


4. Parts and repairs. This part of our presentation may be especially valuable for locksmiths who own a shop or have face to face contact with a customer.  Some of your customers may not want to pay $200-300 to purchase another remote and pay for programming. Do not let anyone leave your store because the remote was too expensive to replace. Even if you did not make $100 or more on programming and cutting charges, you may be able to repair a key and make $30-50 in 3-5 minutes simply fixing the broken remote case, buttons or a blade. We will show you how easy it is to fix some common problems with remotes and keys in just a few minutes.



5. Finally we would like to discuss some key issues in local small business marketing. We see many local business owners struggle with that constantly.  Over the years, we have learned many simple tricks or solutions that are free to implement and simple to use those in order to take your business to another level. All you need is time and your laptop to take advantage of the free tools out there.