ROOM B ENGLISH 10:00 - 11:30 HRS

During this class you Will know how to read and identify modules in order to program the key using different devices:


  • On BMW and LAND ROVER the immobilizer modules can be EWS, CAS,BCM, ECU and it will depend on the model of the car. We will explain to you how to identify the module and which tool will be the best to use according to the CAR MODEL.


  • Get to know also how the TMPRO 2 this device works by BENCH and it can work on those modules, for example on Landrover: Discovery 3,LR3 (2004-2010). TMPRO will be able to read the module who has an PIC18F6620 and then program the transponder who will be ready to start the car, using an original blank remote key the remote will also work.


  • TANGO and ORANGE 5 can work together, on the class you Will know all the functions of each device and hot to get the micro or eeprom fully read by using the diagrams provided by ORANGE 5. Also, you will be able to identify the maker that the tango will need to program the transporter or the key to the car.


  • VVDI PROG this tool has the last updates to read this kind of modules,you will know how to interpret all the pin out diagrams using the right wires and if the adapter it’s available to read the module, all the possible ways to read the immobilizer will be presented.


  • VVDI 2 the FULL VERSION has the option to program BMW by OBD II,you will learn all the functions for BMW with VVDI2 : program the key with the DUMP file, read the CAS by OBD ii, why it’s the ISN CODE important on the LOST KEY SITUATIONS, and all the features on BMW.